Stream of consciousness: a flow of thoughts, emotions and moods, not subjugated to the logic of rationality. Free expression of the mind of a woman in search of fullness of life, of that impulse of energy that makes you feel alive in joy and in sorrow, bodily expression of sensations and emotions never revealed.
By Irrational Mind & Consapevolezza dell’Anima

1 st

Walking blown by the wind and by the uncontrollable desire to run, to go ahead without stopping for a moment. Then the gaze, moments only  moments,  focuses on blades of grass  moving fragile, driven by a light breeze on a warm sunny day under a clear blue sky … .. feel free and careless for a moment … .. tears of joy falling gently on  face under dark glasses that conceal that  whirl of confused thoughts that cloud the mind.
By Irrational Mind

2 nd

One, two, three, breathe! The heart speeds up and the mind  overflows! Do not be afraid, fear, anxiety, panic, do not despair! Stop, relax, meditate, or run, dance, relieve tension! Conveys this energy into something positive and active and feel good, never subjugated to anxiety!  So the beat is regular again  and the mind quiet!

By Irrational Mind

3 rd

Raindrops imprisoned in a gloomy haze, dullness, numbness that saddens my soul! And then a glimmer of light appears on the horizon and a beautiful rainbow suddenly comes into sight as if by magic to refresh my shattered soul!
By Irrational Mind


Oh majestic sun returns to enlighten my route, moving away the darkness and the fear of the night. Oh vital energy  nourish   my lost  mind and invigorates my blunt  body , be life blood of my thoughts as luminous rays that show the way for those who have lost it ! Oh  source of heat  warm the petrified heart and  round off the corners of  pain, nourishing the hope of a new  day.
By Irrational Mind


Oh brave knight, do not fall victim to the absolute and obsessive quest for perfection…… pure fantastic chimera, illusory desperate search of primates that exhaust body and soul. Futile effort that tires out body and mind in a vain afflicted aspiration to unknown destinations or unattainable goals. But on a human scale, pursue measured passions and achievable dreams and a designative expectation  would stimulate the intellect and reinvigorate the body, in search of the better expression of one’s personality and ambition.
By Irrational Mind


Frenzy, desire to have more and more without ever settle! Lethal greed of tangible and unattainable goals that poison the soul, impatient and irrepressible desire to excel that clouds the mind and petrifies the feelings! How much waste of energy and getting nothing if not let slip the beauty of life in your hands..

By Irrational MInd


Snowflakes fall in a silent dance of light melodies and soft nestle on the roofs of houses and among the leaves of trees. White refresh my broken heart and soothe my mind clouded by fear and anger never expressed.

By Irrational Mind


Over the wall, fragile line of papier-mâché, beyond the horizon,  thin line between sky and sea, beyond our eyes, I overstep limits and endless worlds, to push myself  further , in search of the infinite pleasure, ecstasy, bliss of the senses in sublimating forbidden passions and dreams.

By Irrational Mind


Spring ……. graceful awakening of dormant soul, sweet chirping of swallows in flight, sweet mixture of scents of flowering trees under a warm sun that cheer the hearts that beat as one ……

By Irrational Mind


I rise myself into the infinite, ever higher, between left and right hemisphere, in the most neutral and sublime essence…….. divine thought made of rarefied light and bliss of senses, spirit and mind!


Expand your love like I was a sun, your rays illuminate the face of the sadness that lurks in the faces of the suffering and helpless, your warmth glows with their hands, have stretched out a gift that you care.
life is a gift not chase the shortest route, do not jump the obstacles, tree-lined street in the run up to the wind you will not, stop, now you know what to do, the climb is not easy but a time to really see the top who you are, no more fears, but your own libertà.le strong people are those who believe in their dreams, go on without ever looking back, one step at a time, that dream comes true, believe in themselves, without ever stopping the ideas of non-paying audience, clapping and whistling the lives of others.
The world speaks to us, every time the word love is spoken, the world speaks of peace every time a man gives something, the world speaks of anything every time you do not remember the tragedies of the earth and its peoples, hunger and poverty, the world speaks, but sometimes no one listens –
life is bound to smile, never lose the hope to give one, the happiness that is given is never enough in the world that excludes the weak, not marginalize your feelings, and loves to throw the hate, do not change the world, but we will be only better in the soul.
is never easy to fill the void that a love that ends up leaving, loneliness covers you and you cry your eyes closed, feeling the void, only an angel will give you the strength to get up and walk again and see the beauty of life … true friends are still living in paradise.
Understand life from a person’s face is to read emotion between the lines, lines written in a thin, delicate face that you want to receive gifts through feelings .. Feeling that the written words that remain indelible in the mind to light of a huge face of love and joy alive.
Plant a seed in the garden of love, a red rose to be, intense aroma and bright red, your passion will grow and sprout again, your tears of joy fall to spray the land of your history, your smile Shining like the sun will make your rose of love.
the journey of a man is marked by tears, not plants, strong shoulders bore the burden of pain that no one can understand, understand only lives a pain in my understanding, gift a smile hoping that life changes, I do not lose hope to see the joys of others …………

on the day of lovers, a gesture of renewed feeling, a gesture not made of immense gifts that fill your eyes, a simple gesture from the heart, two words are enough to fill the heart …. I LOVE YOU. man in this day and you renew your love and gave words of love and security to your loved one.
With the blue rose will arrive before me, unusual gesture that appears in my thinking, but the happiness of a different gesture will give me shivers of excitement, your hands will take the gift, and the heat of an infinite kiss unite our passion, never forget the blue rose, which still hold in my heart.
Words that make you dream and imagination endless fall into the warmest thoughts … eyes closed, hands outstretched to touch a body that does not exist ‘.. Lust in the words you read, then the feeling of passion and fire. You can not forget the words of the poet cursed witch that warms your soul and your nights with verses that make you love …. the forbidden dream
Your breath is my life, I caress your hands that have sap in my body, everything about you, about love, you are the light of my street that never loses the joy of being with you, love forever that pervades my senses, the storm will not stop the passion between us, we are in unison in our history lovers.
Love life is to love yourself and do not ever live with resentment in the heart of the unspoken words, love means not to live in pride, love simply means giving oneself, learning to listen to understand others and not hide behind an ego that kills sentiment.
I see your soul reflected in my heart, I am warrior of modern times, I have no armor in front of your beauty, eyes staring at my face and penetrate me, I feel your soul merged with mine, no more armor with you, I simply same … man she loves.
Days … nothing is the same as before, day after day, a strange sense it belongs to me love and suffer, sweet and bitter days are never the same thoughts that I find fans. Man who sees the pain of the beloved and helpless love that can not hope that the days pass. It is raining but not forever, love the only solution.
Gestures of love are emotions that become the stars shine in the universe of inner passions, words said to bring happiness will never stop the hatred of fools, who remain in the street without a horse …. words and only words .. nothing can stop people in the skin feels the desire to give love to others.
I feel the wind in your hair, I see the sun, feel the smell of the sea …. I run to lose his breath, and never look back, it’s time, of my birth, nothing and nobody will stop the power of life growing in me, I, only I know what I am and what I want from my life, others will only promises.
Love sheds tears on the flowers of hope that those who belong to the heart is reason to exist, to express emotions without shame, tears .. That are not man nor woman, tears of love. joy, emotions without feeling loved in the end, they reveal intense emotions that tears .. love is freedom of expression.
Slow walk, winter, cold wind on your skin … I do not feel cold, I close my eyes and think of you, my beloved, to your hot hands, your smile .. Sun, which radiates my body, words that warm the heart and stir the mind to see you again … Moments, only moments …. And the sweetest kiss and I’ll live around me .. the warmth of love that has no seasons … love is forever.
Seek conquest in his heart .. Give flowers to charm, gives a ring to show … but giving words and poems dedicated to her love gives him the security of which you can count on, calm and sweet words … time does not dissolve the man who ever you are, you will feel it and understand that the actions of the heart are not illusions of love … eyes that time forget .. Soul sweet and serene security forever.
If photographs were the thoughts into words, I would see the ocean of serenity in my poems of love, boundless desert sand storms, where the mind seeks amore.Solitudine, on nights when I would see the northern lights boundless silence of a unique show …. Huge words and thoughts … words without end … thoughts in simple dreams
Life as the cards ….. Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs, Spades, four seeds to see the emotions, love, hate, happiness and seek … As the cards: 40 days of a passion that blossoms Swing … .. moments Magic moments that dimentichi.I colors as cards … 4 forms of expressions in colors, red, green, pink, black, everything is an analogy of the game .. love … Today … Tomorrow will be poetic … As If It’s raining outside and you find love … Like a deck of cards …. luck turns, without words, without notice ..
Goddess of love, that generates life .. Donna.Mai you’ll need all hands on the face of fear, you will never accept a low voice, that the man next to you is above your soul, which is free and divine, he must never impose his ego, for which you .. You do not deserve a god feels pain, you deserve love, the ego of a man who does not mirror, but that reassures you of words, as the energy of life that you yourself from the world.
words in words you say to win her love, illusions, do not fear to say, but only the gestures of the heart you will feel loved in time, words in letters last for a while, everything else you prove whether a man who truly loves want to become.
The knowledge of people from a truth, as the exposure you want to look, if the truth, get the truth, not rules in the middle, who does not see this, brings with it a weight, the mask of his fears.
Friendship, this is only if the compromise is fair, seeing a word in its purity, listen and not judge, give a shoulder, and not remorse, saying a thought, but with the heart, not with their reason, and always look beyond , rises, the friendship of a painting timeless.
Truth you want, but you do not know to tell, research … Knowledge you learn in the stories, between writer and reader that tells commenting.
Give someone a dream, a gesture of solidarity, which are few and many think they do, to give a minute, you’ll have a lifetime of memories that always your will, remember who you were, today, tomorrow and always will remain the heart, will always be the eternal, with a smile from your past.
The wind carries truth, even the deaf, hearing the flow, prevents the externalization of the words he does not want to hear.
I ask no pity for myself, I feel in my exile, the world will observe the time in me remains stuck at my writing.
Time brings vengeance, the fate of the occasion, the man decides, his will, anger imposes a sentence, but nothing stops the force, is forgiveness, a time of reflection that gives the heart and the man gesture of this feeling.
For a lifetime exploring the world, speak for a life in the world, a timeless time, one day you realize that few listen, see a few, but too much comment.
understand the essence of life is infinite research, Nirvana, hard fact of introspection and meditation, elevation of the soul, in a ravine neutral, rich man who handed down, a knowledge that is itself, this is to excel, the rest remains, a chasing after the mirage of “I want to.
The man tells his truths to the sea, the abyss will go the way of error will not go with words, but it will be the beginning of a beginning to the truth.
My thoughts in the mind of the living world, but remains silent …

Do not get to follow what you say, but only for what you transmit, from a street, not to impose anything, you remain always and only a humble servant of the demands of the pain to you telling you, this gives the universe, and touches …

there is nothing in the imbalance of the mind, they will understand the beginning of the beauty made of notes, unfiltered but true, I fear you will absorb them all the infinite, the heart will be the weapon that will donate in your dissolution of the ‘ eternal essence

we are servants of egotrip now is free to be reborn to kill again, and many will remain within, the way is ta, research as well, the way the mind is no response, and a soul that sees and feels, the way God is, absolute freedom.

Hope lives in a corner of the minds, lives and raises questions, it seems to live right, but she will always ask for more, a day is a day, today, do not you think that the future, happiness that comes with no demands.

If you reach the realization that dreams are the deception of the mind, you have arrived, again, you see outside of that, we’re in, if you stay in the dream, illusion is only one ..

free happiness, dance under the stars, and feel the infinite, to live free and think about life, love, and let me love you that everything will happen without stopping the flow of soul that you have ….

The night is a mystery, dark and wonderful stories that overlap between reality and desire, everything takes on the position of listening, the song of the hatred that lives in the charm, real people that expose any magic …

recounts the life, without words, what your thinking, you’re telling me, I feel and I do not say, you talk, exposes the true soul that is in you, the words are traces of deception of the mind, no signal that I hear.

Live screenings in the limit, the mind, the desire to sing what he wants, asks important questions and accusations, everything cancels everything dims, the real exists always in the middle, between you and him, listening is pure perception, of what transcends all, two individuals, with no hint mind.

There are tears in the proceedings after the effect, that we are unleashing this, the lascrime arise from the source, like a river they go, but if there is a dam upstream of the truth will only particles of joy

the effect of my being as I am, because the door to let all free to say and think, everything can be said and done, I’m on top of all, free trial, free, nothing touches the illusion does not belong, and tell say, but in the end the silence is the smile I have.

walk through ourselves, to see what is hidden in mystery is the only way, is simple but not for all, all is what one thinks, the whole universe is one of the minds desire or reality .. neutral, line boundary that man puts in his absurd to feel ..

Understanding the unknown is to understand the origin of life cycles, when all things were created and owned nothing, we are similarities in the presence of our being and never know what it all originates from …

love is deeply touching without fear of what they see in you to be completely dissolved for the other person and accept with joy happiness, without thinking, without doing, no time, the rest is just love in its entirety.

If you understand the love you discovered your life, if you know the hatred God has touched you know what are the extreme and you are aware, six total, say, remains a maybe, but it is for those who did not arrive in time … .

Get to know me, Live me and say I do not exist, I do not exist except in the words of a life time to write all that as, voiced an ideal of life, and maybe just maybe attached, all attack and all know, until they are in pain.

Life is a beautiful theory, but it is a beautiful perspective on both spans are in the air, but to split the difference is the perception we have of ourselves and how we put this in the expectation, if we live apart from all the certainty of success ..

the way the soul takes the word now more than ever, seems overshadowed by the ego mechanism, then a pain in the mind of any drops and how to look for primordial scent of themselves the way, everything is in a corner until everything is beautiful , but there is a great one if he wishes always

the wise man is he who hears everything, everyone loves it, and that nothing hides, laughs at itself, and mockery of life, relies on laughs to die in the wine at that time, laughs at those who weep its end, and gives the silence to the words of fools. The essay is the one who understood the game of life and as such lives without considering the bet the limit.

I’m not, I do not exist, but lived only touched on what I think, maybe I dreamed I was a victim of deception .., never mind, where nothing belongs to me now, to those who think, think, think, and I do not think about who I leave decided to listen to the mind. The voice …. consapevolezzadellanima

never surrender to fate, destiny is we, us and only us, often seems hostile, but there are elements in us all to live inexhaustible, we plow the seas and climb mountains, we are strong and we believe if we remain in contact with the divine exists in us, giving God a chance.

Summer peeps in the distance, now, the silence of the sea is full, you can hear his story secret, puffs of words that penetrate to the heart, tears of time to remember the youth of the nights on the beach, dreaming ….

One day you will give answers to your questions, maybe … illusions.
My maybe …

Everything appears as the mind wants, enchantment hell that grows in you, live it now and remember who I was, words of the wind, the soul of the true words …

Mystery that you think you’ve revealed, only traits of his name have you done,

walk up and see the face that is dark, fear ….

Not mine, that in light of what real monster is, small or big nothing belongs to me, are and remain aware of my expose, that everything is crystal clear lake mirror, even that which does not show the face.

Everything has an end, apparently …

We are still far from what the core exposed, everyone wants to understand the soul, but to do so there is a risk that of truth, fear is the alibi that cancels the search, crying is the water that washes away his memory all shirk, or until we know what we’re missing.

Long live the romantic. alive those who are perishing, behind dreams of white color, no time, a reminder that love, the red is unique

color …

The illusions are born to the word I think, not believe, do not say, do nothing, founded in everything and be everything, then perhaps you will say something, but accept what is said, and I love you, then you will be in the way of ‘infinite.
One step after another you get to the top of the world, you’ll see the infinite, rosy atmosphere to circordare you .. And everything begins anew. now

light of life, waiting, calling, always in the light of heart, who exists in time, memories and gestures to give the gift that you made to dream, to grant us and you will be given to the eternal life you have created. .. universal love

I will never take you in my dream, I have no more dreams, I will never take you where I arrived, everyone has a way and I mine, but one thing remains true, in my being unreal in the real feeling stressed, I always thought in the heart for everyone.

By Irrational Mind

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