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Thoughts in the night

Many others will never understand, why can not see beyond the wall of oneself, it is night and everything is amplified inside me, I do not sense things that do not want to understand, give meaning to what I want to become.
Being yourself is bad, in the presence of fools, who do not see that their way of being, but then thought and thought, you know that the difference is not strange, but unique, you think your writing is outside your being single but not absolute. Looking for answers you already know, just a few questions to those posed to you, it creates doubt, but you do not have any, you know who you are and what you want …
We talk about respect, then hides behind the questions, about love and you think back to sex, but it is not so, there is a word that stands out:
Except, perhaps rare, but still exists, everyone has a position in life, every position is noble if done with humility of mind and leads to the excellence of the soul, not many roles that now I understand. Sometimes you do not need to explain to someone who is already deaf in principle and can not hear his words, are the facts that stand out. There are those who lose the way I lost him, but then I found, in me and I just went back in the game, against everything and everyone, everyone is only comments and allusions, to understand your research because, research unnecessary permeate into false ideas.
Who today has the courage to write and speak and give people not looking, but found, this is my thought.
Rediscover the meaning of life in people’s emotions, not in flattery living a moment, I say this for simple reasons, life begets life itself. Vision should not be shared, must be respected.
One thing stays on, in my mind the night that you founded, awareness of the soul is not a random name, I did not choose the name of my blog, it was always clear to me that it would be that, now I write in the also my night to say, understood as a vision, I think universal.
Thinking that you can not change, thinking that lights my way, thought of to be or not be no more then a simple thought to say:

If you give you will be happy in life, time will restore to you what you sow in the garden of happiness, you will not see differences between women and men, because your thinking is yours is asexual, you’ll hear the purity of life in this and you will be your turn happy, happy to do what you feel without ever more dependent on the thoughts of others, without ever giving an explanation, you’re free to live your life now.

DEDICATED to myself and the people who really understood the meaning of life, which is called friendship and solidarity and brotherly love.

Daniel R.

2ep thoughts in the night.

Night always night, storm into the head, that is not answered questions for those who are locked up behind the mirror of the thoughts, outbursts that have no place, but that must be performed as compulsions, no I’m not repeating, how do you think, wrong to think without reading. Living in a space between thumb and forefinger, with the keyboard where you type thoughts and you feel god, everything seems possible, but in the end betrays the game … word that expresses the way it is and remains: FANTASY, understood not as the ultimate expression of , understood as a repressed emotion and developed, that you live behind the screen, while plagued by relentless drive wheels that you can not have, words and words spent to influence your mind, you live where nothing grows, where love has no live flowers in the end the question remains: to excite or write for a living the surreal.
Strange thoughts that cover the mind of those who live on the net distorted emotions, the mind feels no sense, condition, and provided, live chat, what is left of the word freedom?, No nothing, be masters of saying what you want inside a rectangle, and always just a cage where spaces do not have, feel free to say what you want does not mean being better, no I’m not there for this. To live means to expression, not coercion of useless words, defended by a space of time, you hide behind words that shame does not make you say, fear of a face and skin to pet, do not feel emotions, you are not and will not, never strong, strong is the one who says love with heart, not who you say you love and then asks for sex, hidden behind the finger.

I can not understand the world, but I can see, I can not accept, I commiserate with, people who think that the expression of male and live in the request .. behind a screen, the expression of the woman playing make believe, everything on the network becomes possible. Outside of the real world of the unknown and believe to be strong, but not to become the world’s digital space increases, but decreases the contacts, makes sterile people who can not find the courage to show wear and behind a screen eroticism .. or maybe wear emotions.

The world in which I live by emotions, feelings of faces, warm words to pronounce, and hugs of solidarity, the world in which I believe is where the smell of love makes me cry of happiness. All the network becomes beautiful only for those who find themselves with balance between power and the will, who loses this path is only a slave of himself and of his fears for his life disturbing.

Life that loves life, love creates love, a friendship that becomes a universal gestures from the heart They want to go out, still life and real life, made of respect and not fear that you do not want to deal with.

Dedicated to me and to all those who live the arrogance of those who, behind a screen is believed to absolute shame in saying that in real life does not have the courage to externalize.

Daniel R.

Thoughts in the night 3ep

Night night and again, thoughts that break in front of reality, nothing becomes poetry in front of the truth that words can not describe the thoughts that intertwine and fall into despair, yet another media that tell the brutal truth, words that describe the thought of the night Love & Hate, a combination of package that can not change, when the mind is distracted and breathing becomes labored, from the Angels who find paradise at the hands of monsters.

Love the people who live in the hope that the world gives truth, that life is respected, that everything has a sequel .. A happy ending, love of parents who still want to see life and not death, ordinary people as masses in slow motion, called in chorus: “truth.” Faint hope that love unites, love that must and must say, generate love, I can not accept that for the umpteenth time, the world that tells of himself, creating life, give us a announce that another angel has gone to Paradise. What sense can have the freedom of life?, When monsters that lie between us, break down in moments, hopes, lives, families? Just imagine …
The word Love is invariably transformed into “PAIN”, the real one, not the media who cancels the time, create and create, not destroy, everything leads to the transformation, not always grow, but falls, the world that he gave life and in moments of madness Ruler of those who feel lifted.

Only anger and hatred remains .., Answers, becomes imperative that answers must be found to give at least a sense of it all. Meaning that in reality will revive them comfort, SENSE …. dismay and pain.

I live the life I live for the truth and purity of feeling that life, and I will not say I do not want to accept that MONSTERS strasformino some gentle souls of a lifetime, they must follow the road, the Angels in Heaven.

The time will give answers if there is a universal justice, the time will not forget, maybe we will not judge these events, that I would not want to hear more .. If there is justice in life, and must say that we should be here and we are people of heart.

Dedicated to all the angels of heaven, I express only a prayer in my mind last night that gave me agony.

Daniel R.

Thoughts in the night 4EP

Night and still night, thoughts reflected in the moon, the night becomes queen …

Thoughts on display, as stories of people in bed, thoughts that come as a whisper to my soul, I must tell emotions, no, I can not. Words that remain in oblivion, who lives for himself and anything he sees or hears.
Bounce in mind the word SOLITUDE, told through the network, which amplifies all, loneliness is the real one, one that does not seek the media, and does not end in the chronicles, he lives and lives behind a torn tear in words, of whispers that light is are in confidence.

I do not run away from before this suffering, that makes weak Loneliness, loneliness is echoed in the heart, people who live their disease and of those they love, the loneliness of those who are excluded from the game of life, perhaps because different; too many variations in thin wires that would like to fly kites tend to find comfort in gestures, words.Indifference turns into suffering, and the wheel stops. Everything plays a role in life, you think that? …. Silence. I can not assuage the loneliness, I can only listen in the small of what they are, give a few words, a comfort that costs nothing.
I will not change the world, I will not, but I will change my heart by opening the door to expressions in words for those who really “knows” and feels the loneliness as the only friend, elevation of the spirit and soul, who sees and hears and indifference is not an ally, and then outsource small gestures of cuore.Il affected by words, and words, with nothing to do as chatter in the streets, only to have made only hypocrisy and hidden behind a finger becomes deafening noise, too much talk and few do.

Dedicated to all the people who find the strength everyday to go ahead with the grace and dignity, who live deep pain and loneliness they feel real. Not the one narrated to make your life a theater, where actors enact ill-made works; loneliness told in a low voice, but never without resignation, as long as people there will not understand the essence of giving, the real one.

Daniel R.

Thoughts in the night 5EP

Night and always at night, thinking that pulse within the mind, words that I can not write.

Chronicles of days of fire lapping as always, innocent people who have no faults, if you do not want to work, dreams, hopes hanging by a thread that becomes increasingly shaky, I can be involved by faces, which did not smile, emotions choked with absolute dignity, of those who work for a living, dreams of seeing a future for himself and his sons, fog on the horizon ..
The word last night that torture is uncertainty, one that does not see beyond, that clip the wings who wants to fly for a living, normal. Italian planet where everything seems to lull the people and stories of their lives, relevance date only chronicles repetitive truth of who sees and hears the decline of work.
Unemployment word that is repeated in its incessant explication, media and media that repeat, nothing in the end, the struggle between weak and strong, the overview that is repeated among those who claim a right and those who deny this. No this is not the world I would want, and EQUAL RIGHTS, prospects this generates, the rest as usual promises in words which are nothing if not spaces from newsstands. Have the strength to see the decline and to remain silent, it seems normal, no, this becomes unacceptable, such as demolishing monuments that give emotions to the heart after thousands of years yet. All this takes the form of masses of men and women with banners declaring their dissent peacefully, I’m with them, because they live as drama, not comedy for non-paying spectators, but reality: Unemployment, a word that trembles in the home, as ancient medieval disease, “fever” of the new millennium, which is rampant.
History of Italy also made even in companies that have marked epochs of light and rebirth, which now end up in obscurity, chasm that only entries folk singing and no one takes into account.
I live for life, a life of sacrifice and work, opportunity and excitement in seeing families grow, progress, now it becomes a toss of coin … heads or tails, and that’s uncertainty.

Dedicated to my colleagues on the Moto Morini (legend on two wheels and made in Italy) and as you see me remove the prospect of work, like me and many Italians do not see hope, but feel alone and just say, words.

Thoughts in the night 6ep

Night night … Always thinking that leads to an open heart, expressed emotions that take form in words, words I can not ignore in a world that is to cover all exposed emotions.
Another day a new story that is repeated, disturbing stories of the people, but are slowly becoming fears reflections are real ones, the ones that cry for a moment and then try ecstasy complete tranquility of the senses which enclose a world, a world that youdecide, living soul, no words … .. SILENCE, words from thousands of choices, mixed emotions, my soul assimilates as sap, to regenerate fantasies and memories in organizations exposes … Not to mention the heart.

Infinite silence of requests ever heard, silence in reflection of the soul, as silence solitude never healed, always and only indifference and opposition, game of life.
Love made interminable silences, gestures and passions fill the heart, sweet and love that overcomes all, gestures that depict the feelings which nourish dreams, love, and love, the only reality of giving and receiving, where words are abstract paintings frames , supreme beauty …. The silence of love.
Eternal silence imposed by verbal coercion to humble men, the power struggle of the mind or intelligence is not exposed …? Everything is, everything looks. Questions that have no answers, only thoughts that I can not hear, would be truth, but the silence is transformed into the forms in poetry, about love, anger never comes to that, and talk again on the agenda of superiority among people who think, live, hates and imposes itself with screams from the market, those words sound just noise to silence.
“Silence” … Between earth and heaven lives. Pain and love, without words to hear, worlds made of words that only the law and you close your mind in your silence everything disappears, everything disappears and you want to live like what you are, but never your mouth will not speak except to say the truth heart and your reason, such as weapons that do evil to those who scream to be heard in the wind and words he knows too much to waste ..
In its vastness life exhibits, all now taking shape in the mind, a place of creativity and silence.

Dedicated to those of his words makes gestures of the heart and that of his silent reflection, that does not live to say, gripped by fears that they want to bully him into silence and feel like they want to fit cages.

Thoughts in the night 7ep

Night ….’s Always night, those words echo, my soul in a storm in the mind re-read sentences and free events, the night expressing consciousness in its purity, I see everything and I can only offer words ..
Words to live and consume, words that echo in the night and Eros SEX, search engines, reservoirs, minds begin to expose the darkness, no limits and no respectability, instinct takes precedence over reason, the heart is not stopped looking for love , only the mind and body want to vent, the dawn is far away and everything seems possible.

Too say?, No harsh reality in a world that represses the light of day, but night makes accomplices thoughts that are rampant, set in motion followers of eros above, applied, paid. Shape and form only a hidden desire, pay for, ask for, everything grows, like water drop by drop in the bucket that fills and then overflows, life that is hidden, researchers who climb mountains to get to sublimate their ego seeking relief, no respect, everything must have satisfaction.

It is not judging the night, it apparently, but harsh reality, the shadows are consumed rituals and the love fades for lust, or lust that turns into love?, Passion or perversion, to you the decision. Love is life begets life, love and sex come together in a gesture that fills the hearts of men and women in a set where the feeling is sovereign, the rest remains in the view … Everything can be in life, the love of one night free will of souls who decide a moment …. Of Eros Free.
Fears which now account for emotions, fears that have no remedy in the night, too difficult to understand now what the mind asks, that compulsion does not stop and does not comply, he has not seen the white or black, does not see nor hear, everything must go forward.
Pay to enjoy and not think about who is behind this violent game, “step back in time in a contemporary space of modern life, was once called slavery”, money spent for a night, money making women slaves who have no faults and wealthy men who care not see that in mere money, no emotion, no feeling, all erased, the pleasure of a night, which makes an accomplice who seeks his desire at all costs.
Looking for images, feelings of contentment in living a fantasy and masturbation frames, desire peace and who does not mind who wants what you find, a definition that night called extinction of species, lovers of a time that the court did art, and of ‘love music, just decline the decline of fantasies that do not find that the film protagonists.
Everything takes on a form, sooner or later, as a gentle people who are threatened in sweet words and then exposed to extreme demands, I can only tell the truth in the night, and a few too many deny admit .. INFRINGING evasion of mind, which has no limit, if not the consistency of those who does not use or require in its order, an awareness of the soul remains in all but a few remain in the truth of the castles of salt dissolve in tearshelpless and ignorant, I can not judge that what I feel, I can not see that to follow the sun and a landscape without hope.
Expressions of love …. Farewell, true emotions just nostalgia, events that punctuate every day truth hidden in the dark of night, where everything appears to be justified.

Thoughts in the night 8EP

Night dark and cold winter that never ceases to be felt, brain receptors hear stories of the people, words I can not pretend not to hear, nothing seems to impress now, nothing … Nothing to be done, everything builds up and then explode, needless to say the emotions and the heart does not stop the thoughts in the night, words expressed in emotions take shape.
Word that my restless night … NO, many explanations, but one sense, everything seems to vanish, we are men in a border area, we are a world apart from men.

Everything looks different, but it is not, the Crusades come to mind in these times when the terror spreads, lack of equality, where one God placed in the east or west of the universe sent love and brotherhood, the only difference NAME, no of correct interpretation, mind reading what he wants and how a virus spreads false ideologies, the struggle between men made of the same flesh.
Absence of gravity in the truth that men hide with other men, vested interests from the words of blood, money that runs faster, the power: Smania man who wants to and nothing too short, “no” word to be understood in its form; thousand are the similarities that I could match, but actually that pain are those that make me feel alive in this words.Promises, also can be transformed into absence, “I love story, but after I try another”, true or false? to you free will. Life that plays, words that take shape, thoughts are always exposed to absences trial, denial of freedom, everything now falls under the “powerful” they say. Also I do not judge, exposing simple emotions of what we see … Oh, slowly become, by universal peace must run a polluted river, the absence of treatment that we can not fight if they do not protest loudly that no ricorca burnt, where false ideologicalwere told to believe that superior races, the absence is not to see that the end is not the speaker who has an absolute truth, but in ourselves, that we see with our eyes what is missing and we hear that wrong; absence is not merely the absence thereof, to expose what they think and reason with one’s soul; absence should I say, be made to rhyme only with consistency … As long as there is still time to change what should not be a memory to Today.

Thoughts in the night ep 10

Night calls, tragedy, you can not stand still in silence, disaster ..

Nature is still hear his voice, impotence of men, his scream and suffer no more; TRAGEDY word of the night, you see the tragedy that shakes everything, the sea rises like an apocalypse, it invades lands and destroying everything, we We are helpless, only fear, pain and death .., this is what remains, it can not predict the fate of dismay that maybe you could change ..

See the facts, it becomes simple, but the thought remains fixed at what is going on and .. What will happen ..

Now it’s off, you rebuild, parts of the mosaic of life, missing tables will be in heaven now, but everything will go on, scenarios for a war front, where the man does not win.

Night sobering …. In words already heard, we blame? Too many answers, I do not judge, I express a value equal to one;
nature rebels, abuse that we impart millennia, enormous pollution, neglect of money, maybe not centered, but our young Earth, yet remains in slow motion, everything would be explained, but still reflect the soul alone, individual that always sees only the final of things .. Catastrophe, everything is connected, it seems fake! I say true, thought the night that will otherwise free cuts and free expression, without wishing to establish a mourning superfluous now.

Inconvenient truth of our cruelty, ice that melts, ozone depletion, deforestation, pollution, air .. Poison, Torture in Our Mother, who is now screaming screaming … I say, not vengeance, not actually fiction, we are the first disaster to be advocates.

We now see the unexpected, what I actually did not center with our faults, the effect of truth that I can only highlight, but you learn rhyming chronicle of a war between man and nature.

We can not control these events, leads to a planet that you are young flaps moves in motions that are subtle, which planet in the middle beats with a heart of fire, and live on, that unleashes its fury, with no TV ads in the messages.

We can prevent, what we are doing, limit of a truth, we all know with hindsight, that fact will be highlighted in future I shall ever see, but from another perspective.

Memory and grief for all the people who lose their lives to natural disasters, which in my thinking of the night are my prayers, memory and honor those who fight for a clean, well under to see what it is, but think what will be.

Thoughts in the night 11ep

Night thoughts in my mind exploding field of battle, between saying and doing, hearing, and transposition. Chronicle of a night town, in world of extremes, all running against the wind, in the words on display.

Absurd to talk about .. Word of the Night: Illusion, is one who lives chasing the dream of life, unattainable, but that remains to be nice to think, a reflection of being in a slow movement without pain. Illusion is to see the world in beauty, when all around you, other lives, it seems a rehash of the argument always, but always lived in too many forms, which transforms the night.

Incredible feeling, exhibitions of friendship, based on non-existent, true transformation from human to pet, availability exasperated thoughts made of rules that are imposed on a basis of fear, loneliness only and always projected to hide the truth untold.

I do not see this and do not want to see, listen and reflect .. Chronicle of the night, there is also this, the alleged links, of words unspoken, requirements dictated by projections, real and tangible Illusion, who lives in the night, questions that have already responses, the judgments made Loneliness … that door, the vision of what is not …

No dramas in the night, but the truth of my view, chronicles the absurd in the garden!

All the evidence is in the morning, the certainty of a thought that many of them feel, the illusion of knowledge which has no outlet, but inevitable that law, to live in denial of this freedom remains, my, your and all the people who see inside if, before speaking, know how to understand, before judging, live in the consciousness of the soul, in search today, but never definitive.

The night friend, as always show the many faces and is looking to live and hear stories in transformation, the rest would be boring if everything were repeated in the night thinking that exposed me to write.

Thoughts in the night 12

On the night exposed thoughts begin to flow, hot air of early spring, giving rise to the period of love, repeated word in its many forms, in song and verse odes, love given, love hidden.

During the night the smell of illegal hormones starting to show its effects, everything takes the path of dawn or sunset, display, frenzy, as mammals evolved, we feel the air change. Nothing changes the evolution of the period, different species, but that instinct remains. The sun begins to warm souls, tired of the dark, feel the awakening dormant instincts, nature, shining, and flowers.

Love that is born, love that end, the game of life, in a period of rebirth of life, nothing in the night, now In other news, hints of words between the lines, hear subtle eroticism of the fatigues and, relentless life that takes shape .

Nothing stops, nobody says, everything is as it should, do not we change the time, go with the flow, we will live with what we have sown in spring will bear fruit or thorns?

Remains a knowledge in a crystal ball, not everything in the night you may know, rarefied input, give understanding of what will be, far and look forward to listening.

Evolution of the moment, mystery ..

Thoughts in the night 13ep

Voices in the night returning to recall the news, praise true story tilt sleep, everything remains in the limbo of the truth.

Perception, the word that haunts the mind in this night of spring, still cold, as if waiting for a flower display of beauty from the world, it remains only news that deceives the eyes of director in the minds words to explain, everything seems to charm the story of a death, that is behind this? Simple question you can think of, but still trail of death without end in eternal pain that marks people who have no guilt, happiness manifest hours to learn the “fact” of what happens, but then is it true? Or everything has to be an echo, put security seals more …

The truth remains a mystery in the night, but he who believes nothing is silent and he knows the truth, is dismayed to see words on words, then everything will be back in the days of silence and the posters will be prepared for another piece of news, but those who suffer and are always are the souls of the suffering created by events and conflicts that they have no word for this honor.
Satisfactions that do not last long in the news, I do not judge your turn ..

On the night of emotional truth are evidence of my feelings, I believe, but I remain with the only real certainty the “doubt”, I am hanging on to reason that a death is a death and fails to revive the souls in heaven.

Who feels the benefit of this event I do not judge, but the pain of those who have been innocent of distorting the facts derived from a “belief” are always and only injuries, as now, remains the vision of the future will be, thinking it would be too now in saying, guess better to call it, that they want to remain comfortable armchairs occupied ….

I’m always on the side of those who suffer, just tell this story, let alone space ready to build sand castles, I, you, the truth will, as always, we were not paying spectators of another event, only one remains, I say perhaps at this point, we are consistent with everything that shines, we split up and remain stuck to the trail of the comet, stardust, “Stardust,” they say in other parts, powder that dissolves in his gleaming, the star is only a mirage a better world that we would like, without reports from exalting and no dead to be commemorated, love and peace the world should be, as it was created, and not as slowly is becoming a fall into oblivion .. Where the truth is inconvenient and is comfortable in evidence.

The night always listens and repeats what they see and feel the emotions on display in the media spotlight. Free will of thought in the night, not absolute truth, but without scent free of res judicata, EPlace true or false to you the reason for the heart to understand this.

Thoughts in the night 14ep

The night calls, silent souls, moving shadows, the mystery between the lines looking confused, scattered writings and words are true moments of freedom, which in silent contemplation read, try and see in the dark, reflected in phrases, you re-read and dream …

The night he says, listening is amplification, everything is done emphasis, hidden beauties peering into their hearts and seek in the night … The word that recalls the souls, sharing, is the word that has different aspects and forms, beautiful and dangerous, mystery that you do not know when the hand incline. Everything is made of words, solitude seeking friendships, strange tales to those who do not know, almost a challenge yourself to see and be seen in deep, open up and touch the limit, it seems easier to tell and be told the stranger, but in the end the game is subtle and exciting, a share that the night life takes shape and life in the life and magic of the unknown that fascinates and frees the souls of exposure, get naked without thinking, this is moment between darkness and light.

The network travels fast and the words are frantic moments, seconds and minutes, all read and try one of the words a contact as a connection end, made of little but coming to life, everything is simple and life is just a click start in life you do not know names and do not know the truth. This is magic and mystery and you feel that you want to talk and share emotions are amplified, nothing stops the contact hours and type words leave and come back, time seems to run and the hours pass. The beauty of the night living in a little, but it’s fast, everything is what you want, but time is always short, but life becomes a necessity, when it is heard and the night seems to make all fans and all friends.
The live and live again, I do not judge the living, a night owl that introduce hints frantic exposed as input, which are transformed into words. Being this is the x or belong to the night you decide what you want, the night belongs to no one only those who live as gypsy soul that dwells not. And ‘magic and mystery, and I repeat this is the image that lasts, you would like it would never end, then as all things have an end, when everything is quiet and no one is exposed, all return in what’s called normal community life .

The night calls the thoughts and this vortex flow cell, one can not perceive if the soul lives in its totality ….



Whoever sees the moon look hope, sees and calls .. Those who listen now? None … Everything in the night and discovers the pleasure of the day heats up it seems a distant past …

During the night the words are many, which occur to excite and move those who listen with the soul. Many would like to give a voice to be heard, but too many make the silences. Telling others’ experiences and build the castle itself, is the true identification of the farce that I feel fit to give a common hope and not personal to the individual.

The word that the night calls, is to sell, you sell illusions and not be affected, we are at the limit of what is happening. Life goes on a razor’s edge, increasing the spread of the pain of living takes its toll, and not in a winged. It would be easy to be always in the line of words that should strike and to amaze. No. Here we are at the brink, the eclipse is total.

Everything must belong to the meaning of life and sense of reason. People who did not listen to fall more and more exposed to theories that are based on a recipe where the weak mind is harassed, but by a clever mind. The mind is the deception when it is weak, words become simple moments in the rules which place a hypothetically linked to rules, illusion ….
Who wants to support is weak and wants to listen, understanding, empathy, love, there are many formulas which then become vehicles of a spark. It triggers a full trial and makes no employees, no. The addictiveness of subjugation, in turn, leads to freedom, which is expected later acquired. Lines that are born too hide behind a path of money. The way of life is free, that is not free is the sacrifice that requires a pain, an effort to regain it, dedication and the creation of a new identity that may be going to pieces.

My travel in the night is never a sermon, but only a tear that flows to hear these adventures.
Every time I see lost souls, exposing drama and pain, and this account say, to believe this or that, because he was told that if you do, and then everything happens, and so many words, words, words … What the scores are already pre-order only ..

I fall into tears and I see the world more and rolling against the weak

What gives the word, if behind there ‘just a thought pattern? Ask yourself the final question of many that did you place. Each person is unique and nothing fits at all in the same way. Are patterns of the mind and the mind is an open mind, if we are not conscious. Life is an opening and not a doctrine, where rules pose happiness, those who believe this falls, it is only temporary. And if it happens is luck.

I wish the world was alive in his life and not false in its people, to listen in the night too. Instill
There is no free will and I’ll change this process.
I’ll stay to hear the falls and shooting on the night of the living souls that live, maybe not much, but the gesture from my heart is alive ..
No one forgets that life is never the same for all those who are more fortunate should sometimes be with my heart in my hand gestures you make.

The rest of the night as usual anachronism of vendors and customers happy apparent this listing: AA WANTED

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